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Pearl River provide products fresh fruit and vegetables originating from Vietnam as rambutan, jackfruit, mangosteen, durian, mango, vegetables ... We are committed to providing our customers with good quality products Best.


To ensure quality to the customers, we maintain the following rules of business:


a. No warehousing


The warehouse can not slow down despite the transport process as well as the readiness of the product while ensuring the flow of products in the fastest and newest products to customers.

 All  products do not have time to wait more than 24 hours in Pearl River before reaching the customer.


b. Only quality imported goods moderated

Pearl River cooperate only with suppliers with manufacturing processes and product storage reasonable, safe. The daily products have been certified as safe before delivery to users.

We also regularly check random products and production processes to eliminate the risk of infection and toxic chemicals


c. The process of rigorous quality testing

 We build process product quality testing 5 steps include:

  1.  Selection
  2.  Check form
  3.  Preservation Standard
  4.  Fast Shipping
  5.  after-sales support

This procedure is performed with all products. The products consumed the greater the higher the frequency of inspection.

In addition, we regularly collect customer feedback to promote product quality better.


d. Training Provider

Pearl River also implemented many programs and help farmers produce the best small access with high standards of quality. We have traveled to many provinces across the country to train and monitor farmers on how to produce safe, not only for the products they make, but also for the health of themselves and their families.


e. Customer support

We assist customers to choose the good by providing adequate information about the product, the picture is clear and regular updates of systematic observation.

We also help customers to inspect the goods on delivery.

Our Team will contact randomly with new customers using the product in order to get an assessment of the quality and taste of the product


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Contact infomation:

Full name: PearlRiver Trading & Logistics Co,.Ltd

Head Office: 15B-CT3-A1 Van My Ward, Ngo Quyen Dist, Hai Phong City, S.R Viet Nam

Sales Office:  No 482 Le Thanh Tong Str, Van My Ward,  Ngo Quyen Dist, Hai Phong City, S.R Viet Nam

Tel: +84 2253 568 858
Fax: +84 2253 568 859
Website: www.prl.com.vn , www.pearlriverlog.com
Email:     info@prl.com.vn ,  info@pearlriverlog.com

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